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Common questions and answers
The Boxes

What will be included in my First Sip Brew Box Original?

Answer: Exclusive gear from a unique craft brewery, latest craft beer information, craft beer recommendations, craft beer food pairing recommendations and samples of craft beer inspired products (tasty foods, amazing smelling soaps, craft beer candy, etc.)

Question: What will be included in my First Sip Brew Box Distinctive?

Answer: Everything that is in the Original Box plus full-sized craft beer inspired products and an additional craft beer exclusive item to make your experience unique!

Question: When will my Monthly box be shipped?

Answer: Your monthly box will be shipped on the week of the 15th of every month.

Question: Do you charge shipping?

Answer: Yes we do, we ship via FedEx to ensure a great customer experience.

Question: Can I order standalone products?

Answer: Yes, you can! Order them before your subscription box ships. No additional shipping costs!


Question: Do you reward referrals?

Answer: Yes, we do! Refer a friend and receive a special gift in your next box when your referral purchases a subscription month.

Question: Do you run any contests?

Answer: Yes, we have a contest running every month - check out our Facebook page for details!

Return Policy

Question: What if my craft beer inspired product arrives damaged?

Answer: Send us an email stating what was damaged and we will be happy to replace it for you!

Question: What if I am unhappy with my box? (that would never happen - First Sip Brew Box is awesome!)

Answer: Shoot us an email - we want you to be 100% happy! We will revamp your next box to your liking!

Question: How are Refunds handled?

Answer: If your products are damaged we will be happy to replace your Brew Box. Once when your product is shipped it cannot be cancelled or Refunded.