First Sip Brewmaster Box

Get a taste of the craft beer revolution! The First Sip Brewmaster Box gives you an introduction to the best craft beer-inspired products and accessories that you can wear and pair with your favorite brews. Each month, we design a new box based on the featured brewery of the month. Your craft beer swag collection will quickly grow because every Brewmaster Box includes a unique piece of brewery swag. We always pick items that have the highest quality and best craft beer style. Beer not included it's a legal thing.

$24.99 - $251.88

First Sip Enthusiast Box

The Enthusiast Box gives you craft-beer inspired items to eat, wear, and use every single month. Each box is packed with the coolest swag from our featured brewery of the month in addition to a craft-beer inspired product or pairing made by a small business and a delicious dessert. What’s better than a fresh bakery treat? One that’s made from real craft beer! We partner with a bakery that specializes in making desserts from your favorite beverage, so even though there’s no alcohol in any of these box products, the joy is still there! Beer not included it's a legal thing.

$49.99 - $520.99

First Sip Connoisseur Box

Whether you’re a curious craft beer craver or elite lover, the Connoisseur Box offers the best experience to tingle your taste buds and get you excited for your next draft. This premium box goes a step beyond the brewery swag, craft-beer inspired product, and baked beer treat that comes in the Enthusiast Box. We give you the biggest full-size craft-beer inspired products available and curate the box with special extras that are picked just for you. With so much packed inside, it’s hard for us to close the box, which makes it even more fun for you to open! Beer not included it's a legal thing.

$59.99 - $647.88

Past Brew Boxes

Past boxes included Breweries like these:
Evil Genius Brewing
Penn Brewery
Strangeways Brewing